5 tips for Salzburg

Salzburg at night
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The music city of Salzburg, located on the Salzach River, is the capital of the province of the same name, Salzburg. It is the fourth largest city in Austria. The most famous citizen of Salzburg is probably Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose works are unforgotten. His birthplace can be seen at Getreidegasse 9. On foot, the sights in the old town can be explored well during a city trip: the Salzburg Cathedral, the Residence and the Fortress Hohensalzburg to name a few. On the southern edge of the city, the Hellbrunn Palace with its famous fountains awaits visitors. Gourmets will also get their money’s worth: a Mozart cake and a melange in a coffee house, specialty and gourmet restaurants, the famous mozart ball … And in the Striegl brewery world you will be initiated into the art of brewing beer. For shopping lovers, the Getreidegasse is recommended. International stores can be found in Salzburg as well as small boutiques. And Salzburg is the city of traditional costumes. Art lovers are certainly familiar with the Salzburg Festival, which fascinates every summer.

Tip 1: Hohensalzburg Fortress

High above the city you will find Salzburg’s landmark: the Hohensalzburg Fortress. It dates back to the 11th century and with more than 7,000 built square meters it is one of the largest fortifications in Europe. A must for castle fans, but also for all other visitors to Salzburg.

Hohensalzburg Fortress
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The Hohensalzburg Fortress is enthroned high above the city on the so-called fortress mountain directly next to the Salzach River. The location of the 900-year-old fortress was already ideal at that time to have everything below in view and to be prepared for potential attackers. The view of the surrounding countryside from the top is breathtaking. Enjoy the view! You can get to the top of the fortress hill either on foot or by taking the fortress train. Walking up you can catch even more beautiful views than by train. There is also a lot to see in the castle. The Golden Hall, one of the medieval fortress rooms, is now a regular venue for concerts. Wander through the other princely rooms as well and take in the pageantry. By the way, every winter there is a Christmas market in the castle courtyard.

Tip 2: Mozart’s birthplace

Probably the most famous son of Salzburg is the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was born in the city and also grew up here.

Mozart's birthplace
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Not only those who are Mozart fans, but also all other visitors to the city should take a look at Mozart’s birthplace. It is located in the Getreidegasse and cannot be overlooked by the yellow facade and the large lettering. Mozart was born in the house on January 27, 1756. The Mozart family lived in the third floor for a total of 26 years, from 1747 to 1773. Today Mozart’s birthplace, also known as the Hagenau House, is a museum that shows you the earlier life of the family and the young composer. The furniture and other objects will show you how people were equipped and lived in the 18th century. Take a look at exhibits and memorabilia, original documents, and – of particular interest to music fans – Mozart’s historical musical instruments! Take about an hour and walk around Mozart’s birthplace. It is worth it!

Tip 3: Mirabell Palace

Magnificent and majestic, but also green and relaxing: welcome to Mirabell Palace with its Mirabell Gardens. The palace dates back to 1606.

At that time it was the residence of the archbishop’s affair, today it houses the offices of Salzburg’s mayor. An absolute highlight in Mirabell Palace is the Marble Hall. It is the former prince’s hall of the prince archbishop as well as the music room of the Mozart family. Today it is very romantic here, because the magnificent Marble Hall is one of the most beautiful wedding halls in the world.

Mirabell Gardens at Salzburg
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This is where couples in love say “I do” and then go out into the Mirabell Gardens for beautiful wedding photos. The garden is a green oasis in the middle of Salzburg city. The Mirabell Garden is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, where there is a lot to discover besides the colorful plant life. The Dwarf Garden with its mamor dwarfs, the Great Fountain with its figures representing the elements of water, earth, fire and air, and the Orangery are just a few of the attractions. Whether you come in spring or summer, when the plant life is ablaze with color, or in winter, when the snow transforms the Mirabell Gardens into a dreamlike winter wonderland, a trip to Mirabell Palace and the Mirabell Gardens is a must during your visit to Salzburg!

Tip 4: Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg Cathedral is located in the heart of the Old Town, on the left side of the Salzach River and is surrounded by spacious squares: Kapitelplatz on the south side, Residenzplatz on the north side and Domplatz on the west side.

The front of the cathedral is dominated by two mighty towers with green spires that seem to watch over the square. Overall, the facade gleams in a light marble quarried in the Salzburg area, offering a majestic sight. The visitor enters the cathedral through one of the three arches with Iron Gate lattices, in which the dates of the three consecrations of the cathedral are engraved. In 774, 1628 and 1959, after having to be rebuilt again and again due to previous destructions, the Salzburg house of God was consecrated by a religious ceremony and thus put to liturgical use.

Salzburg Cathedral
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The imposing Salzburg Cathedral impresses not only from the outside, but also inside with its dimensions and numerous treasures. The long, spacious central section of the church is complemented on both sides by small chapels. At the end, the wide nave opens into the chancel and two side arms. Above it is the large dome – windows let the dome space with the altar shine in the incident daylight.

The interior of the church dates mainly from the time of the early Baroque cathedral construction in the 17th century. Only the precious baptismal font from 1321 already stood in the old cathedral. Four lion figures from the 12th century support the basin, in which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, among others, was baptized.

The magnificent main organ on the western gallery of the cathedral is decorated by angels and the patrons Rupert and Virgil.

Tip 5: Hellbrunn Palace

On the outskirts of the city is the next Salzburg attraction: Hellbrunn Palace. Even if the effort to see the sight is somewhat greater, you should definitely visit the pleasure palace with the extensive park and the water games.

Hellbrunn Palace at Salzburg
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The palace is over 400 years old and impresses visitors with its architecture. On a guided tour, you can get an idea of how people used to celebrate and have fun here. But the real attraction for most tourists are the Hellbrunn water games, which are famous all over the world. The water games provide plenty of entertainment for park visitors. There are treacherous splash fountains where you can never be sure they won’t hit you. The water machines are unique and will fascinate you. So are the grottos, which are decorated with various sculptures. The Mechanical Theater, with nearly 200 water-powered figures, shows a small town and its bustling activity. Last but not least, at Hellbrunn Palace there are the characteristic fountains with the figures of Greek mythology.