5 tips for Miami

Miami, Florida
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Miami is located in the very south of the sunshine state of Florida and is therefore rightly associated above all with dreamlike beaches and crystal-clear water. Miami is considered a city of dreams, attracting adventurers and artists in particular. This creates a fascinating mixture of shrill and modern on the one hand and relaxed and cozy on the other. Let yourself be captivated by this great atmosphere!

Tip 1: Villa Vizcaya

You certainly wouldn’t expect something like this in Miami. Villa Vizcaya is something very special and would probably fit better in northern Italy than in Florida. But industrialist James Deering loved Renaissance architecture and had a beautiful estate built there. The villa was built from 1914 to 1916 on a 200,000 square foot lot. Even by Florida standards it is very large and has a beautiful garden that can be visited today. There are several buildings on the grounds, but the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is the main attraction. Today it has become a museum and tourists love to visit it. Since 1952, the mansion has been owned by Miami Dade County and has also been opened to the public. If you want to see something special during your vacation in Miami, you should visit it.

Villa Vizcaya in Miami
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For the construction of the Villa Vizcaya building materials from Europe were needed and due to the war these could not all be procured. Therefore, the architect Paul Chalfin had to resort to materials from Florida. As you can see today, these were also very good and it has become a castle-like building. Especially in the Sunshine State there are many mangrove forests and swamps that have to be cleared and drained. There, however, the mangrove forest could be preserved and today you can look at the garden that is worth seeing.

Tip 2: Perez Art Museum

The Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is an important part of Miami’s vibrant cultural scene. Founded in 1984 as the Center for the Fine Art, the contemporary art museum was known as the Miami Art Museum from 1996 until it reopened in December 2013 as the Pérez Art Museum Miami. The complex cost a total of $220 million. It tripled the exhibition space of the previous museum – an indication of the importance of the cultural sector for the lively metropolis in Florida.

Perez Art Museum in Miami
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With floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive views of the water, the new building provides space for the collection of 20th and 21st century artists as well as various temporary exhibitions.

An exciting year-round program is available at the Knight Education Center for interested individuals of all ages to take a closer look at the museum’s artworks and exhibitions and develop a new way of viewing and interpreting art. Camps also allow participants to get hands-on and create their own artistic creations.

Tip 3: Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium is a popular destination for families with children. There are many attractions and shows that you can visit. The highlight is certainly the impressive show with the killer whales.

Miami Seaquarium
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For tourists, of course, there are many interesting sights in Miami that you can see. But the Miami Seaquarium is always recommended for a visit. The aquarium was opened in 1955 and has been expanded several times. On an area of about 15 hectares there is a lot to discover for the visitors and you should plan enough time there.

Of course, there are numerous attractions in Miami that you can see at the Miami Seaquarium. There is something for every age. You should not miss the show with the killer whales which is very impressive. Normally you can only see something like that in the amusement parks in Orlando. But in Miami there is also this and it is very spectacular what tricks the orcas perform for the visitors. However, we recommend to use the back seats. If you sit in the front you will most likely get splashed. But with the year-round warm temperatures in Florida this is no problem and your clothes will be dry again quickly. Then you can watch a show with dolphins and sea lions. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to see a manatee, which are usually very shy.

Tip 4: Ocean Drive

It is not only on the countless travel brochures and postcards that Ocean Drive in Miami Beach makes an extravagant and special impression. Miami’s most famous street also sparkles and shines on site in a particularly splendid way and has accordingly gained a particularly charming status among locals and tourists from all over the world.

Ocean Drive in Miami
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If you walk through Miami Beach one thing becomes clear to the visitor very quickly – the Latin American roots cannot really be hidden here and that is exactly what makes the charm of the area.

The picturesque Art Deco style houses in Miami are hard to miss, after all there are about 800 of them in the entire city and some of the most beautiful are located directly on Ocean Drive. Statistically, you will find the highest density of Art Deco houses in the world here.

Originally, the houses were kept in a white tone throughout, but the city wanted to be put in a new light and attract attention, so it was decided during the 80s for the more colorful color scheme.

Ocean Drive is one of the US-American hot spots when it comes to seeing and being seen. Many celebrities have settled here. You will never get bored here. There is always something to marvel at here.

Tip 5: Wynwood Walls

Who is interested in Miami vacation for street art should go to the Wynwood Walls. There is one of the most important art scenes of the city and a visit there is always recommended.

Wynwood Walls in Miami
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If you see this for the first time then you will certainly be thrilled. The origins go back to the 1970s where there were only old warehouses for which no one was interested. But this was to change in the year 2000 and the well-known entrepreneur Tony Goldman recognized there potential which could be developed.

Today it has become a popular tourist attraction in Miami that anyone can visit. Since the Art Basel Wynwood Walls took place in 2009, numerous art lovers from all over the world are now interested in this neighborhood of Miami. The numerous murals are really impressive and interesting even for people who are not normally interested in art. Of course, you can also take many beautiful photos there.