16 Best Places in Wyoming

16 Best Places in Wyoming
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Wyoming is a state of the United States of America. It is located in the western part of the country. The landscape of Wyoming is characterized by long and wide plains. Among other things, the Rocky Mountains are responsible for the fame of the state. Equally famous is the Yellowstone National Park, located in Wyoming, which regularly attracts numerous tourists and visitors. The American state of Wyoming is also known for its soil, which is rich in resources and treasures such as shale, iron ore, coal and uranium.

Wyoming is one of the few states in America that attracts tourists, locals and economically interested parties in almost equal proportions. The following part of the text focuses especially on potential visitors to Wyoming and therefore points out 16 of the most beautiful places in Wyoming.

16. Fossil Butte National Monument

Fossil Butte National Monument
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Behind the name Fossil Butte National Monument hides the protected area of the National Monument. This nature reserve is located in the southwest of Wyoming. Probably the biggest attraction here is the so-called Fossil Lake. This lake offers visitors the opportunity to see numerous different fossils up close. These fossils are usually from the Eocene and are thus up to fifty million years old.

Fossil Butte National Monument is therefore also considered the depository of fossils in the state of Wyoming. More specifically, the preserve is located in what is known as Lincoln County, which is about 30 kilometers west of the town of Kremmerer. The fossils are very well visible, because at that place existed in former times a lake, which is equally eponymous.

15. Hot Springs State Park

Hot Springs State Park
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The Hot Springs State Park is also a protected national park, which is located in the US state of Wyoming. More precisely, this national park is located in the western north of the state. This park offers its visitors impressions of the natural beauty of the United States, which can otherwise only be seen in documentaries or other television productions.

The natural beauty of Hot Springs State Park has many components. On the one hand, the park impresses with natural areas including meadows and trees. On the other hand, Hot Springs State Park provides the habitat for many different animals and creatures, such as buffalo. Also, the park offers visitors hot and bubbling springs, which can usually be entered.

14. Cheyenne

Cheyenne Wyoming downtown district
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Cheyenne is probably the most important city in the state of Wyoming. Accordingly, it is also the capital of Wyoming. The city is located in the so-called Laramie County at the edge of the Laramie Mountains. The city owes its name to the people who have settled there throughout history. Cheyenne is also a city that has played a role in the history of America.

Accordingly, Wyoming’s capital city offers tradition as well as a variety of attractions. These include the Wyoming State Capitol, the Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, the Cheyenne Botanical Gardens, the Atlas Theater, the Nagle Warren Mansion and three churches, as well as a cathedral. Especially that Air Force base plays a crucial role for the city even today, as it is the economic powerhouse.

13. Bighorn Canyon

Bighorn Canyon and river in Wyoming
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Bighorn Canyon is a mountain range that borders Wyoming in the direction of the state of Montana. The mountain range owes its name to its immediate location on the Bighorn River. Since 1968, Bighorn Canyon has also given its name to the National Recreation Area located there. This is a nationally highly respected recreation and wellness area.

Accordingly, tourists and visitors at Bighorn Canyon are offered a large and extensive range of possible activities and occupations. These include, for example, hiking opportunities. These exist for beginners as well as advanced hikers. Likewise, around the Bighorn Canyon various ranches and the Yellowtail Dam can be visited. Overnight stays in this area are traditionally at campgrounds and tent sites.

12. Devils Tower

Devils Tower Wyoming
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The so-called Devils Tower is also located within Wyoming. More precisely, that tower is located in the northeast of the state, in Crook County. Within the state, Devils Tower is also associated with the Bear Lodge Mountains, as it is located on the northwestern edge of these.
The Devils Tower, which is now considered a national monument of the United States of America, has become well known especially because of its shape and location, as it looks rather flat around the stone tower, creating a strong contrast.

The area is also considered home to many animal species, such as grizzly bears, and is therefore sought out again and again by interested animal lovers and photographers. In order to avoid damage caused by this, Devils Tower is also considered a protected area today.

11. Flaming Gorge Recreation Area

Flaming Gorge Recreation Area
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The Flaming Gorge Recreation Area is located in the border area between Wyoming and Utah. Accordingly, the Flaming Gorge Recreation Area is located in the southwestern part of Wyoming. Depending on the definition, this site is also included in the state of Utah. This is a national recreation area that offers its visitors the opportunity to relax. Active recreation is also offered here as a possible activity.

In this case, a visit to the heart of the Flamin Gorge Recreation Area is recommended. This centerpiece is the Flaming Gorge Reservoir, which stretches for a total of 91 miles. This area therefore offers as many hiking trails and opportunities for occupation of its visitors. Accordingly, this destination is popular with both foreign and domestic tourists.

10. Cody

Old Trail Town in Cody - Wyoming
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The town of Cody is located in the northeast of the state of Wyoming. More precisely, Cody is located in Park County. The locality of Cody is known for various things. Among them is the production of furniture in the traditional Western style. Corresponding factories can be visited. However, Cody is equally known for its climatic and geographical conditions. On average, about 300 days of sunshine per year can be expected in Cody.

In addition, the town offers a variety of mountain ranges and elevations that are regularly visited by hikers. Cody is also unheard of 80 kilometers away from Yellowstone National Park, providing ideal access to the park’s east entrance. Accordingly, a large number of tourists and travelers can be found in the town at almost any time, taking advantage of the location to get to Yellowstone National Park.

9. Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole
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In the west of the state of Wyoming is also the so-called Jackson Hole. This is a confined valley section within the world-famous Rocky Mountains. The Jackson Hole is bordered in all directions by various traditional Wyoming horse ranches. The Jackson Hole enjoys great popularity among tourists and is visited accordingly often and with pleasure.

It offers its visitors a dreamlike picture of nature. Jackson Hole is often called a real painting because of its various components, as it not only combines mountains and valley, but is also home to the so-called Snake River. In addition to the mixture of these components and altitude, as well as deep valley, Jackson Hole is also the habitat of many different creatures and animal species.

8. Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park
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South of Yellowstone National Park is the next place in the listing. This is the Grand Teton National Park, which is located in the western part of the American state of Wyoming. The name of the national park is also due to its location, as the Grand Teton National Park is crossed by the so-called Grand Teton mountain range.

Grand Teton National Park is home to a variety of animals similar to other places. Accordingly, the park is considered a landmark of species conservation and is viewed positively around the world. Among the resident animals are wolves and deer. In addition to the mentioned wildlife, the Grand Teton National Park also offers its visitors a variety of hiking trails with a total length of about 300 kilometers.

7. Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park
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Yellowstone National Park is probably the best known of the US state of Wyoming. Accordingly, this place is responsible, among other things, for the naming of the popular series of the same name. The reason for the name of the National Park itself, however, is the Yellowstone River that stretches through the park, which attracts a large number of locals and tourists to regular visits.

Yellowstone National Park
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In contrast to previously mentioned parks, Yellowstone National Park is known not only for being home to animals, but also for harboring various natural wonders. These include springs, geysers and so-called mud pots. In general, the park offers various landscapes. Therefore, guests describe the park as being volcano-like in phases and flat like a steppe in phases. Accordingly, a visit to Yellowstone National Park is worthwhile.

Yellowstone Park, Wyoming
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6. Casper

Aerial View of Downtown Casper, Wyoming at Dusk

The city of Casper is the second largest city of the American state of Wyoming after Cheyenne. Casper is located in the so-called county seat of Natron County and is accordingly situated directly on the well-known North Plate River. This river has its source in the Casper Mountains.
The city is basically known for two different economic and social aspects. These include the economically important work with raw materials and mineral resources, as well as the breeding of livestock.

The former particularly concerns the extraction, transportation and refining of petroleum. Accordingly, several companies are located in the vicinity of the town of Casper. The raising of livestock, on the other hand, is limited to large-scale breeding of cattle and sheep. In addition to the Casper Mountains and the North Plate River, the airport located west of the city is also considered a landmark. This is where most tourists land during their stay in Wyoming.

5. Sheridan

Steamboat Point rises above a meadow near Sheridan, Wyoming
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Sheridan is also a city in the U.S. state of Wyoming. The city is located in the Sheridan County of the same name. Sheridan’s wonderful location is considered a landmark and accordingly interesting for visitors and tourists. The city of Wyoming is located directly in front of the Bighorn Mountains and therefore offers a fantastic and unique view of the world of the mountain range at the certain places and spots.

Besides the Bighorn Mountains, the so-called Bighorn National Forest is also in the immediate vicinity. Thus also nature and animal lovers are granted a corresponding insight into this area. These conditions and the resulting optics also give an idea of the importance of the location in the conflicts between cowboys and Indians at that time. The city of Sheridan is also relatively easy to reach, as it has a direct connection to the Interstate Highway.

4. Laramie

Marie Lake, Snowy Range near Laramie, Wyoming
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The city of Laramie is Wyoming’s third largest city. Within the state, Laramie is located to the southeast. More specifically, Laramie is located in Albany Country and is likewise the county seat of. Within the United States, Laramie is also known as the Gem City of the Plains. This nickname is due to the illuminated night sky above the city.

That sky is one of the reasons for the regular visits of tourists and locals. The real name of the city is derived from its discoverer. This was a man with French and Canadian roots, whose name was Jacques La Ramee. According to his surname, in the course of time, the name Laramie was born. The city also offers rail service to Sacramento and Omaha, making it a potential stopover on a trip to either of those places.

West of Laramie along Route 130, Wyoming’s grass-covered prairie gives way to the Medicine Bow Routt National Forest, marked by a dramatic rise in elevation to 10,000 feet. Here in the southeast corner of the state, the Snowy Range is a magnificent mixture of splendid mountain peaks, a large collection of sparkling mountain lakes and streams, and wide open recreation spaces.

3. Thermopolis

Thermopolis Hot Springs Wyoming

Thermopolis is a city which is comparatively centrally located within the U.S. state of Wyoming. Accordingly, the city lies slightly northwest above the geographic center of Wyoming. Thus, Thermopolis is a part of Hot Springs County. Besides a relatively parched ground, the city of Thermopolis offers its visitors three central attractions, which are accordingly responsible for the throng of visitors. These are the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, the Old West Wax Museum and the Hot Springs State Park.

Especially the Hot Springs State Park attracts many tourists. They usually admire the hot steaming natural water and mineral springs during their visits. The park is also home to animals such as bison. Visitors are also offered hiking trails, including a suspension bridge to cross the Bighorn River.

2. Teton Range

The so-called Teton Range is a mountain range of the Rocky Mountains. It is located in the border area of the two US states Wyoming and Idaho. The most famous points of the Teton Range are its two peaks, the Grand Teton and Mount Moran. The Grand Teton has a height of about 4.2 kilometers, while Mount Moran has a height of 3.8 kilometers.

The Teton Range is so popular, among other things, because it forms a kind of transition between the present prairies and the Rocky Mountains. Accordingly, visitors, hikers and mountaineers are offered unique views of a transition from flatlands to mountains. That look of the Teton Range has long been no secret, so that the mountain range has already served as a filming location for famous movies.

1. Black Hills

Black Hills, Wyoming
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Another mountain range within Wyoming are the so-called Black Hills. They are located in northeastern Wyoming and extend from there to western South Dakota. The Black Hills are known and loved for their diverse plant and animal life. As such, they provide a home for many different creatures.

The Black Hills also contain various raw materials and mineral resources. These include gold, iron, lead, uranium, as well as coal, salt and petroleum. Probably the most famous attraction of the Black Hills are the carved presidential heads. These are visited by tourists at almost any time and have become famous all over the world. There is also a national park within the Black Hills. This is the so-called Black Hills National Forest.

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