15 Best Beaches in Miami

15 Best Beaches in Miami
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At the southern tip of Florida, Miami delights with a wide variety of highlights. These include beautiful and idyllic streets with numerous restaurants and stores as well as cafes and cigar stores, which in many variations also give charm of the Cuban influence to the best. In addition, Miami also offers many cultural highlights and of course, as a city in one of the sunniest states in the United States of America, a great variety of different beaches. This diversity at the sea ensures that here really everyone can find exactly the beach that best suits their own desires and needs. Therefore, it is always recommended to take a closer look at the following 15 best beaches and parks in Miami and include them in your next travel plans for your stay in Miami.

15. Lummus Park Beach

Lummus Park Beach is located on the east side of Ocean Drive Street and its area of about 30 hectares, which includes beach and park zones, is among Miami’s most popular areas for recreation. Friends of sunbathing and swimming get their money’s worth as well as fans of water sports like water skiing, canoeing or even parasailing.

All visitors benefit from the shallow and turquoise waters of the local sea, whose small waves guarantee a relaxing stay even with children. Of course, this enjoyment also includes the sunshine on the white sand of the beach, although there are always trees to provide shady spots. Since the attraction has also been used for many movies and TV shows, a visit becomes even more interesting.

14. South Pointe Park Pier

Located in the very south of Miami Beach, this South Pointe Park with existing pier is where people love to go to escape the hustle and bustle and find a high level of relaxation amidst nature. On the promenade you can additionally enjoy the view of the Port of Miami. The view of the attractive homes and gardens of the rich and famous on Fisher Island is also available here, while many also enjoy the special moments when the view of the passing cruise ships opens up to you.

13. Surfside

In close proximity to Miami, one encounters tranquil Surfside, which is also ideal for relaxing at any time throughout the year. In addition to cozy residential areas, idyllic street dedications named after famous poets and houses built in the Art Deco style, one encounters lively business districts, attractive cafes and, of course, relaxing coastal and beach areas, which can be found between North Beach and Bal Harbour. There you can only feel good at the white sand, turquoise sea and under the charming palm trees.

12. Haulover Beach

The Haulover Beach is a 2.4 kilometer long beach, which is located north of the harbor of Bal and has been one of the best beaches in the USA for years. The azure colors of the water alone create an enormous attraction and in combination with the snow-white sand of the beach, one can undoubtedly speak of a true paradise.

In addition, one also encounters pleasant waves, where it becomes a pleasure for beginners to get to know the sport of surfing, for example. The Haulover Beach offers a lot of space, so that despite the great popularity you can always find a quiet place to relax. Moreover, the beach is the only one in Miami that offers the possibility of nudism.

11. Sunny Isles Beach

In the southeast of Florida there is a barrier island on which the attractive Sunny Isles Beach stretches between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Enclosed by the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, it offers 2 miles of space for total relaxation. It’s worth spending time on the beach with its enchanting white sand as well as visiting the fishing pier. Sunbathing, swimming or snorkeling – there are many different ways to relax here.

10. 21st-45th Street Beach

The 21st-45th Street Beach, whose address is hard to miss, is considered another of the best beaches in and around Miami. Absolute top hotels and gorgeous beach resorts provide optimal accommodations in the immediate vicinity of this beach, which further explains its popularity.

The beach is very spacious and offers enough room not only for many people, but oh many different activities. In addition, you will encounter cheap parking, showers, picnic tables and a convenient snack bar. As an attractive social program, a visit to the Bass Museum of Art is always a good idea, where you can find an attractive and worth seeing art gallery.

9. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

The southern tip of Key Biscayne opens another paradise with Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. It is one of the oldest state parks in Florida, where a wide variety of recreational activities are available for optimal relaxation and well-being. Swimming, kayaking and paddling as well as fishing, hiking and biking embellish every day at this almost empty coastal strip and especially a walk to the snow-white lighthouse becomes a very special experience.

8. Crandon Park

Also in Key Biscayne and there in the so-called Bear Cut Preserve, Crandon Park offers another highlight where you can unwind and find a high level of relaxation at any time. Stretching for two miles and covering 800 acres, there are attractive sand dunes and plenty of places to sit and relax where one of the country’s largest coconut plantations once stood.

In addition to swimming, sunbathing and water sports, there are many other sports available for recreational enjoyment. Moreover, one can always make pleasant use of the time to observe numerous animals such as the various species of birds, butterflies and sea turtles.

7. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Very popular as a beach area and at the same time the resort of the same name in the middle of Florida is Fort Lauderdale Beach. The beach impresses with light blue and pleasantly warm water, which even in winter does not fall below 20 degrees Celsius and is suitable for all kinds of water sports. You can find quiet places almost everywhere and benefit from a pleasant sandy bottom, which allows you to get into the water very comfortably everywhere.

Numerous palm trees also always provide a certain amount of shade. The city beach is also so popular not only because of its location and possibilities, but also because of the official opinion about this region. For example, Fort Lauderdale Beach has been repeatedly awarded the so-called Blue Flag for some time now. this is an award for exceptionally relaxing and clean beaches.

6. Oleta River State Recreational Area

The Oleta River State Recreational Area is a public park, one of the largest of its kind in Florida, located in northeast Dade County. Its enormous appeal and popularity certainly stems from the fact that the nearly 40-square-mile park is located on two beautiful bodies of water at once. First, the park is located on Biscayne Bay and second, on the Oleta River, a Florida river.

The proximity to these bodies of water makes it no surprise that water sports, in particular, are among the possible recreational activities. Thus, besides swimming, one can enjoy paddling, fishing or canoeing. In addition, the surrounding area is perfect for hiking or mountain biking. If you’re traveling with more than one person, you can always rent a pavilion to get together for a relaxing picnic.

5. Matheson Hammock Park

You can also find peace and relaxation at Matheson Hammock Park. This city park is located in the metropolis of Miami and there south of Coral Gables. The city park offers an attractive size of 630 hectares and thus a lot of space to escape from stress and use the nature there for a high degree of relaxation. This can be found both on the waterfront and on the numerous paths for walks or leisurely bike rides. The attraction also stems from the fact that Matheson Hammock Park encompasses the western and northern ends of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

4. Virginia Key Beach

If you’re looking for another shoreline of snow-white sand by the enchanting blue sparkling sea to let loose and relax, consider a visit to Virginia Key Beach. Surrounded by enchanting palm trees, you can sit in the sun as well as in shady spots and enjoy the view of the sea. The ocean, of course, lends itself to swimming or water sports at any time, while the surrounding area also offers attractive opportunities for hiking. Colorful cottages not only provide an excellent visual accent on the beach, but can always be rented to have a pleasant accommodation for the day by the sea.

3. 85th Street Beach

Another option for a relaxing day by the sea is offered by 85th Street Beach. It is an almost untouched beach, which is also unusual for Miami’s beaches not surrounded by numerous hotels. The tranquility is therefore certain and accordingly it is also one of the optimal places if you want to swim completely comfortable and undisturbed in the sea. This is also ensured by the soft sand and the very calm water. Despite or just because of these advantages, 85 Street Beach is not as crowded as other of Miami’s beaches.

2. South Beach

South Beach is considered to be an increasingly popular trend and at the same time offers one an attractive beach to unwind or relax as part of numerous different activities. South Beach not only offers a great view itself with its picturesque coastline, but also always a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean. Besides swimming and sunbathing, you can enjoy your time paddling, kayaking, jet skiing, snorkeling or playing beach volleyball. If you stay longer at South Beach, you can also enjoy the attractive and also increasingly popular nightlife.

1. Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina

The Homestead Bayfront Park Beach is a very special place and therefore without question one of the most beautiful beaches around Miami. One encounters an enchanting white coastline, which alone exudes a magical attraction, which is of course enhanced by the wonderfully blue sea. In addition to swimming in the sea, families with children benefit from the atoll pool, which offers a comfortable swim without waves and currents.

In addition to swimming, sunbathing is of course recommended, as well as various water sports activities or even leisurely fishing and a picturesque ride on a boat. Those who arrive with their own boat can also use the Herbert Hoover Marina to fill the tank for the next miles. The marina in itself is always worthwhile for a pleasant stay, watching one of the other smaller and larger boats.