13 Best Beaches in Italy

13 Best Beaches in Italy
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Italy has been one of the most popular summer vacation destinations for decades. In addition to fascinating cities with buildings from all eras and idyllic landscapes, Italy naturally also offers numerous dream locations. Which of them are particularly worth a visit, Travel Owl shows here.

If you like to spend your vacations at the seaside, Italy is the right place for you. More than 7500 coasts span the Italian peninsula with its characteristic boot shape as well as the offshore islands, first and foremost Sardinia and Sicily. While the Adriatic coast between Trieste and Rimini is lined with miles of wide sandy beaches lined up with sunbeds and umbrellas, vacationers in other regions will also find many hidden bays that not everyone knows about. Travel Owl shows thirteen best beaches in Italy that are particularly beautiful.

13. Cala Mariolu, Sardinia

Cala Mariolu, Sardinia
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So many people love it and return every year: the island of Sardinia. Everywhere you can find secluded coves and beaches with fine sand. Particularly beautiful is Cala Mariolu, which is located in the north of Arbatax between Cala Biriola and Cala Goloritze, nestled against breathtaking cliffs. The white sand is composed of fine and very soft stones of white marble, which makes the bay attractive also for divers and snorkelers: here you can see more underwater than in most other bays. The seabed is very shallow, so perfect also for families with children. However, Cala Mariolu is only accessible by boat or on foot. The short hike is worth it: the path leads through ancient cork and oak forests along the stream Codula di Sisine. Or you can simply take the excursion boat from Arbatax, Cala Gonone or Navarrese. Only for late risers the bay is nothing – late in the afternoon it is completely in the shade.

12. La Pelosa Beach, Sardinia

La Pelosa Beach, Sardinia
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The spacious beach La Pelosa is located in Stintino, Sardinia. According to users who have rated the beach on the net, you almost feel like you are in the Caribbean here. However, not a few people know that, which is why you meet quite a lot of people here in the high season. Before July and after August, the Caribbean feeling is best lived here – in the off-season, you can easily find a parking space and don’t have to worry if your favorite towel spot is already taken.

11. Tropea Beach, Calabria

Tropea beach, Calabria
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If you lie in the sun on the beach of Tropea at the tip of Italy’s boot, you will enjoy what is probably the most beautiful beach setting in the country: an offshore peninsula on which the small church of Santa Maria dell’Isola is enthroned. In clear weather, the view even reaches as far as the volcanic island of Stromboli and the other Lipari islands.  Tropea is worth a visit not only because of the gorgeous beach, but also because of the well-preserved old town.

10. Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa

Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa
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At sunset you can see rabbits – and they probably gave the beach its name. Translated, Spiaggia dei conigli means “rabbit beach”. The white sandy beach, located on a small uninhabited island just off Lampedusa, is regularly voted in rankings among the most beautiful beaches in Europe and the world. Thanks to the turquoise water and the almost white sand, you almost feel like you’re in the Caribbean here, too – only the palm trees are missing.

9. Spiaggia delle due Sorelle, Conero

Spiaggia delle due Sorelle, Conero
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Anyone looking at photos of the “beach of the two sisters” in the Marche region of eastern Italy will immediately understand why it appears on this list. It is the two white rocks at the end of the beach – the so-called “two sisters” – that gave the name to the elongated cove of bright sand at the foot of Mount Conero. Those who come by land rather than by boat should wear sturdy shoes – the path down to the bay is narrow and not without danger.

8. Cala Rossa, Favignana Island

Cala Rossa, Favignana Island
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In the south of the island of Favignana, west of Sicily, lies the idyllic bay of Cala Rossa, whose beach is considered one of the most beautiful on the island. It consists of two small sandy bays from which you can enjoy a magnificent view. From Sicily it can be reached by ferry.

7. Cala Goloritze, Sardinia

Cala Goloritze, Orosei Gulf, East Sardinia, Italy

From the Golgo plateau in Sardinia, you can reach the white pebble bay of Cala Goloritze by hiking. Sturdy shoes are a must for those who want to reach the beach on foot. By the way, you are not allowed to take the pebbles of the beach with you – too many vacationers have already done that.

6. Pizzo, Calabria

One of the best beaches in Italy -  Pizzo, Calabria
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The beach at Pizzo on the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria is one of the widest and longest beaches in Italy. Fine sand and shallow surf make it ideal for families, beach runners and water sports enthusiasts. In the picturesque town of Pizzo at the end of the beach day you can find the perfect pizza and, of course, the world-famous tartufo ice cream, which comes from Pizzo.

5. Baia del Silencio, Liguria

 Baia del Silencio, Liguria
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Many say that once you’ve been there, Baia del Silencio (Bay of Silence) becomes your favorite beach for the rest of your life. The secluded bay belongs to the charming fishing village of Sestri Levante in Genoa, Liguria. What is incomparably beautiful here is especially the sunset, which is a must-see after a day at the beach. During the high season, the beach gets quite crowded, but since it is almost only locals who go swimming here, as a vacationer you experience authentic Italian feeling.

4. Spiaggia Porto Selvaggio, Apulia

Spiaggia Porto Selvaggio, Apulia

A vacationer raves in her review about this beach in the Apulian town of Lecce: “My favorite place in the whole world! We come every year in winter, it’s always warm. The perfect place for a picnic. Beautiful scenery and very romantic.” During peak season, however, try to be there early in the morning to get a nice spot.

3. La Cinta Beach, Sardinia

La Cinta Beach, Sardinia
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And another beach on Sardinia has made it to our top list: La Cinta Beach in San Teodoro is one of the longest beaches on the island, at 3.2 kilometers. Because it slopes gently, it is perfect for families with children.

2. Spiaggia Rosa, Budelli

Spiaggia Rosa, Budelli
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Budelli is a small island off Sardinia that boasts a very special beach: Spiaggia Rosa, as its name suggests, has pink sand. It gets its unusual coloring from the shell remains of a particular type of coral found in the seagrass beds off the island. A few years ago, the beach was closed to vacationers to protect it – but you can admire it from some distance by boat.

1. Isola Bella, Sicily

 Isola Bella, Sicily
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Below Taormina lies a tiny island in the sea, Isola Bella. It is connected to the Sicilian mainland by a sandbank of white pebbles, which is a spectacular sight, especially from the coastal road above. The water around the island is crystal clear and suitable for snorkeling. If you can’t find a place on the sandbank in summer, you will certainly find one on the adjacent beach Lido di Delfino, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the island.

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