10 Best Water Parks in Massachusetts

10 Best Water Parks in Massachusetts
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Massachusetts may not be the first thing you think of when planning a trip to the USA. Especially for travelers from abroad. The image of the USA is shaped by many movies, most of which are set in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami or Chicago. However, Massachusetts has to offer one of the oldest and most European cities in the USA. Boston is a true jewel of the “Cradle of the USA” and definitely worth a visit. Massachusetts is also a wonderful state that has a lot to offer. Above all, the nature here, especially in the fall, is simply stunning, even if the weather can be a bit rougher.

But if you’re looking for a balance to Boston’s arts and culture, beautiful nature, or many other attractions, perhaps a trip to one of the great water parks is an idea for you. Even if you can’t get enough of everything else, you should at least visit one of the water parks, because they are something we don’t know like this in Europe and a real experience. Imagine a theme park that is all about water slides and other fun water activities. Here we present you the 10 Best Water Parks in Massachusetts.

10. Look Park, Florence

Look Park is actually a memorial park. Mrs. Fannie Burr Look donated the money to honor her late husband. The park opened its gates for the first time in 1930 and since then it has undergone many changes, so that today you can also find the water park located there. Here it is less about bathing and you really must not imagine it like an outdoor pool or something similar. But instead, you can do a lot of fun things that have to do with water.

For example, there is an area where you can play with water guns, as well as a river steamer or, if a whole steamer is too big for you, you can rent a pedal boat. You can also play mini golf or tennis. There is also a zoo that you can visit and stroll around. In the nature you can simply let your soul dangle. But that is not all. Since the park has a beautiful and idyllic atmosphere, you can also get married here and celebrate your wedding in the middle of the greenery.

9. Boston Common Frog Pond Spray Pool, Boston

Boston Common Frog Pond Spray Pool is something special. Located in the heart of the city, it’s not so much a commercial theme park as it is a public park, with all sorts of recreational opportunities and various activities. But the center of the Boston Common Frog Pond Spray Pool is the “spray facility,” which provides tourists and overheated city dwellers with a place to cool off in the summer. This involves several posts that spray water upward, creating an artificial rain.

For many years, people in and around Boston, as well as tourists, have used the park to escape the oppressive heat in the summer. But even if you don’t feel like playing with water, the park has a lot to offer. It is especially known for the programs that are offered to young people. So you can have fun here even in winter and skate on the frozen lake. But that almost goes without saying, since the Boston Bruins, the local ice hockey team, were among the first six teams in the National Hockey League. This sport has a really long tradition in Boston.

8. CoCo Key Water Resort, Danvers

This park is probably one of the first that can be most compared to family spas or fun pools in other countries. This park is completely implemented as an indoor theme park, so you can have fun in warm water here even in winter. The park is mainly aimed at families, as many of the facilities are for fun. For example, there are four different water slides and a wave pool that invites you to romp around. You can also simply let yourself float in the “Lazy River”.

You can completely switch off and recharge your batteries. For the children there are even more toys. Here the little ones can really romp around. A very special attraction here is also that you can watch video entertainment in the so-called “Dip-In Theatre” while floating through a tunnel on a ring. This is an experience that really has no equal. But if you’re more in the mood for sports and adventure, you can also enjoy water basketball and other sports in the “Activity Pool”.

7. Water Wizz, East Wareham

The Water Wizz in East Wareham is one of those parks that is mostly about slides and all sorts of other attractions. This park is perhaps the closest to what we know from American movies. In any case, you should visit this park if you want to experience classic American family life and not just tourist attractions, especially in the summer. If you want to experience what American families do in the summer.

One of the highlights is Devil’s Peak. To get to the top, which is 23 meters high, you first have to climb over 100 steps. But it’s worth it. The speed is simply breathtaking. Another very special slide is the “Pirates Plunge” where you will feel as if you are walking a plank. But even if you are not an adrenaline junkie, you can experience a lot here. For example, there is the Herring Run River, where you go down a cozy man-made river in a ring, and for the kids, there is Captain Kid’s Island.

6. Great Wolf Lodge New England, Fitchburg

Great Wolf Lodge advertises itself as being the best indoor waterpark in all of Massachusetts, and if it’s not, it’s at least close to first place. It’s a great place to have a wonderful time year-round, and if New England’s rainy weather throws a wrench in your plans, you definitely have an excellent alternate destination here. There are many different slides to try out.

Besides that, there is also a wave pool where you can have a blast. For the little ones, there is a very fancy water playground with lots of different play equipment. In any case, no one will be bored here. Another special feature is that you can stay overnight in this water park. Due to the attached hotel, you can also spend a whole vacation here and explore Boston’s surroundings from here. You can definitely spend a great vacation at the Great Wolf Lodge.

5. Breezy Picnic Grounds Waterslides, Douglas

The Breezy Picnic Grounds Waterslides in Douglas is probably what would result if you crossed a swimming lake with a fun pool. As such, this park is truly a dream for any nature-loving family, but they don’t want to sacrifice the fun of waterslides, the safety of a lifeguard, and the convenience of a manicured lawn. Like the other parks on our list, this one is aimed primarily at families.

Since you don’t have to worry about anything and the kids will definitely always find something to keep you busy. But also as a young couple or if you are alone, you can just relax and unwind here. Whitin Reservoir, the lake on whose shores Breezy Picnic Grounds Waterslides Park was built, is farther inland than many of the other parks. Is very accessible from Providence and Boston and always worth a day trip.

4. Cape Codder Resort & Spa, Hyannis

As the name suggests, this water park is again a combination of water park and hotel, so you could easily spend your entire vacation here. But what makes Cape Codder Resort & Spa so special are the many different themed pools, each geared to a special event or theme. The Cape Codder Resort & Spa successfully combines a luxurious hotel with a fun swimming world.

Because you can also stay here overnight and because you are in classic New England, the Cape Codder Resort & Spa is a wonderful starting point for day trips. For example, it’s very easy to get from here to the famous island of Nantucket or to Martha’s Vinyard, which you should definitely check out if you’re in the area. But if you don’t feel like going on an excursion, you can instead spend the day leisurely at the Spa & Resort and just relax.

3. Berkshire East, Charlemont

We’ve introduced you to many different water parks, but none like this one. That’s because Berkshire East is not a water park, nor is it a resort or hotel with an integrated fun pool. Rather, it’s a place where you can experience nature in a completely unfiltered way. If you are looking for water slides and other adventure facilities, you are wrong here. Instead, you will find offers such as white water rafting, raft trips and much more.

Even if you’re not in the mood for some wet fun, you can try North America’s longest zip line here, or brave one of the various mountain biking trails down here. Even if you come in the winter, you can have a blast here, because that’s when the various slopes are open and you can ski as well as snowboard here. If you get hungry, be sure to visit one of the restaurants, which are praised by many guides and visitors.

2. Cape Cod Inflatable Park, West Yarmouth

The Inflatable Park is actually just one part of an even larger park. But we find this park so special that we want to dedicate a whole point to it, because here they have dedicated themselves entirely to inflatable attractions. These are inflatables, and not just the small inflatables you can rent for a kid’s birthday party, but truly unique inflatables in shapes and with tricks you probably can’t even dream of.

A particularly nice side effect is that you don’t actually have to worry about your kids, because everything here is padded and soft. Falling down doesn’t really hurt here. So if you were looking for a place where your kids, or even you, can just let off some uninhibited steam, this is the place for you. But if you do feel like going swimming, you can find just that at the park next door.

1. Six Flags New England, Agawam

Even though Six Flags is at the bottom of our list, that’s not to say that this one is the least exciting water park. Especially since Six Flags is so much more than a water park. In fact, you’ll find all sorts of other things here, too. So also rides, including countless roller coasters and other attractions.

In addition, various events take place around the year, dedicated to holidays or special themes, so there really is always something going on here. Not for nothing, Six Flags is an institution in the USA and incredibly famous there. Even in other countries, you hear about this place in movies and songs. If you visit the USA, you should not miss the Six Flags Park.